Like every business we started with an idea. We wanted to be the Midlands best supplier of high quality crew. Who commit to building a on site crew that is second to none through our training and experience.

We have crew available in a range of requirement.




Plant Driver's

General Driver's to name just a small amount

The main team used to work for a London based corporate crew operating within the Birmingham branch. As they grew as a team it was noticed that there is a gap for a well organised crew to come to the area. Since then we have been able to secure work with some of the biggest clients in the Midlands area. 

Our Story

Our clients have built up from word of mouth. We have not grown Panther Crew quick to let down clients with bad staff or short numbers. Regular work is key for our business when there is such a big market of competitors.

Our health and safety is taken very seriously.  We have an in house team that have been trained to help comply with the health and safety acts. Our simple method statement is also "it's important that everyone returns home after a shift the same way they arrived".

New starters are not allowed on site without a senior member of crew. Training is key and talks on how crew can improve are held on a regular basis. PPE is to be expected from all crew Boots hard hat and hi-viz are a must.

Health and safety videos are shown and reminded to refer back on regular intervals.

Customer Raves

Health and Safety